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My quads are killing me

I really miss Crossfit. The people and the crazy workouts are addictive. Plus I’ve been craving that satisfying, lasting ache post-WOD. Being a broke grad student, I simply cannot WOD at the box and it’s been about 9 months since I’ve engaged in that type of exercise consisently. Truth be told, I’ve been lazy and almost entirely sedentary. So in order to steer clear of rhabdomyolysis I need to ease back into that sweet spot.

Thanks to the great wide web, I’ve found several sites that offer WODs for at home or at the-big-box-gym. I’m fond of this Level 1 program, by Shanti at I’ve done days 1-3 and added in an hour hike and an hour cardio/free weight session at the gym.

Holy hell, my quads hurt so good.


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