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Inch by inch, row by row

I love to plant things, tend to them, and watch them grow. Since moving to the city I’ve started a new garden adventure, namely container gardening. There’s a whole set of different issues to contend with, and I’ve been trying different types of plants to see what works well in our space. 

This little guy surprised me today. It’s a watermelon planted in a 5-gallon pail. I’d never planted melon in such a small space, and from my (limited) understanding of such plants they need lots of space. As living things are apt to do this guy boldly defied the constraints which I placed on it, sprawling and creeping along the fence. Now there are several flowers aside from this tiny fruit which I need to find a way to support (trellis? chicken wire nailed into that ladder?).


It’s pretty awesome to be so connected to my food. Can’t wait for dessert, maybe, 2 weeks from now. This melon/mint/chili recipe is what I have in mind 🙂


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