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Serious muscle aches

This is embarassing to admit, but I nearly fell down the stairs today due to post-workout muscle aches. It is going down the stairs that hurts, I can get up just fine. Stairs are impossible to avoid in my house (row home with 3 stories, laundry in the basement), so the ache/discomfort/sometimes pain is becoming unbearable. I don’t think that it’s rhabdomyolysis, as my symptoms are limited to myalgia, but it’s on the differential.

Things I’ve tried:

  1. Rest: I skipped weights today, just did 45 min of swimming laps.
  2. Ice: 15 min on, 15 min off while at my desk.
  3. Ibuprofen: Helps with the pain/mild swelling. Been taking 400mg q6h.
  4. Water: Copious amounts (over 2 gallons every day) will help to flush all the toxins out, and if it is rhabdo help out the good ol’ kidneys.
  5. Foam rolling: OUCH. This hurts right now. Maybe will try this again when the pain abates.

Enter the internet search… The inter-web of knowledge has suggested Epsom salt baths! I had completely forgotten about this trusty sidekick from my days as a high school athlete. If memory serves me correctly, this stuff worked well if you stuck to it regularly.

My plans tonight involve a shopping spree at the CVS to prepare for the never-ending battle of the bulge. Inspired by Gym Bag Essentials (by PeanutButterPlank) to equip myself so I that have NO EXCUSES. Aside from the epsom salts, I’m gonna grab some dry shampoo, gold bond powder spray, and a tennis ball to add to my arsenal. 



3 comments on “Serious muscle aches

  1. marianferry
    July 16, 2013

    i LOVE foam rolling! i sprained both of my calf muscles at the same time one day from too much jump roping and my foam roller definitely saved me! i used it once in the morning and once at night! and giving it time helped a lot:) best of luck!

    • palexrs
      July 16, 2013

      Thanks! I’m gonna try the roller again today :). Maybe it’s cos I’m not used to the sensation, but it straight up hurt before.

  2. Jackie
    July 17, 2013

    You should try Arnica Montana!!

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