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I have a tendency to get bored with workouts. For one, repetition without seeing an immediate purpose kills my drive. So when I was on the Arc Trainer yesterday I had the thought that there must be a better way of using the equipment. So I went to the blogosphere last night & found a ton of info on HIIT. It sounds promising.

Weight training & cardio alike may qualify as HIIT, provided that you work at 85-90% of your max heart rate while interjecting very short rest breaks. This sounds a lot like Crossfit to me, so this makes me very happy.

There are a plethora of HIIT workouts available, but I think to start I need something simple. I liked these ones outlined by fellow bloggers.
1. HIIT It
2. Did You Know?: HIIT Workouts

Today I tried the 3rd one, with 18 reps of 30 sec @ 85% max HR then 60 sec @ 65% max HR. To calculate the percentages, I used the CDC recommendations for vigorous activity:

220-29 yrs old=191
191 x 0.85= 162 bpm is 85% max HR

I freakin’ loved it! I did 33 min (weird number, but that was the preset with the “cooldown”) with the “fatburn” program on the Arc Trainer both days to compare. With my routine yesterday I did 2.70 miles, & with the HIIT routine I did 2.92 miles in the same time. I felt like I was working more of an “edge” today, for sure!

I’m definitely going to try out other HIIT workouts in the near future.


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