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Delicious, edible weeds

Purslane. Have you heard of it? It is an extremely nutritious (supposedly highest level of omega 3’s in plants), jade look-a-like that grows as a weed in the Mid-Atlantic. I recently had a conversation with a friend about it, & then encountered it during my internship a few days ago. The topic du jour was edible weeds…dandeloin, wood sorrel, lambs quarters, & of course, purslane!

Long story short: I scored some purslane & made an awesome salad.


Purslane is best when fresh. You can find it at farmers markets on occasion. If you’re picking it yourself, then make sure it isn’t spurge (will make you sick).

Wash it thoroughly, and pick off the leaves. It has a mild, sorta lemony flavor so it goes well with pretty much all salad fixings. I mixed mine with cucumber, tomato, flat parsley, lime, & avocado.


Oh, man. That was a fantastic salad.


I shall forage for this weed when the opportunity presents itself. It’s an annual that loves hot weather, so hopefully the stems/leaves that I put in my backyard produce some plants before the season is over!


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