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Birthday dinner for the man

Yesterday was a great day. It was my husband’s 43rd birthday! He had to work all AM, so it was an abbreviated celebration: went to the neighborhood pool to cool off & then I made him some dinner. Tomorrow we are going rafting to celebrate for real :).
The birthday boy & I. He doesn’t look 43, does he??

Dinner was awesome! Grilled everything cos that’s his fave…filet mignon, asparagus, zucchini, mushrooms, squash, peppers, tomatoes, & caramelized onions. YUM.

Here’s what I did:


◆Marinated veggie skewers with extra virgin olive oil + minced garlic + fresh oregano/rosemary + salt/pepper
◆Let marinate for 1 hr minimum


◆Carmelized onions on the grill with this amazing little pot made for grills. 
◆I grilled the veggies then tossed them in the carmelized onions at the end. This was an experiment, but it turned out wonderful!


Finished product! Pretty simple. The best things in life usually are :).

Of course I had a mini birthday cake for him, too. It was another fave of his: peanut butter. I’m glad I only got 1 from the bakery because it truly lived up to it’s name (PB OMG brownie)! Only had a couple of bites, but sugar is like crack to me & I’m craving it like crazy now.


Happy birthday, Mr Stone! May this year bring you & us many fond memories, much love, & lots of good times!


2 comments on “Birthday dinner for the man

  1. Sumner Stone
    July 21, 2013

    Thanks for the awesome dinner and birthday celebrations! I sure do love you Baby!

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