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HIIT & Back/Abs day

Was out wicked late last night, gone dancing for a friend’s birthday. Stuck to my plan (mostly). I even drank water and coffee all night instead of EtOH :). It’s always funny to be around people who are blasted when you’re sober!

Back to the gym today! Here was today’s WOD:

□10 min warmup on elliptical

1arm deadlift: 25#, 10 reps×4 b/l
Bent over row: 12.5#, 10 repsx4 b/l
Lat pulldown: 30#, 10 repsx4 b/l
Dumbbell bicep curl: 10#, 10 repsx3 b/l
Weighted crunches: 20#, 15 reps x 4
Standing side abd crunches with dumbbell: 17.5#, 10reps x 4 b/l
Standing core stabilization: 12.5#, 10 reps x 2 b/l
Bow extension: 10#, 10 reps x 2 b/l
Reverse chop: 10#, 10 reps x 2 b/l

Cardio: HIIT
19:30 min 13 rds: 30 sec @90% max HR, 60 sec @85%
5 min @ 80% max. 10% incline throughout.

The strength stuff wore me out. Couldn’t get through my planned 4 sets per exercise towards the end. Still looking to have a solid routine for major muscle groups. Probably going back to the web to find a more cohesive back/abs routine. Also, with the HIIT intervals it was taking awhile for my HR to slow down/speed up. Not sure if this had to do with equipment issues (handle HR monitor) or if I was pushing too hard.


Drenched in sweat & feeling great!!


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