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Doing something active daily



I’m beginning to associate exercise with “me time.” A couple of weeks ago I may have used the same time watching TV. Dedicating an hour or so a day to exercise pays back in dividends because afterwards I am more conscious of what I put into my body, so then I don’t feel guilty for being lazy or eating crap!


Other things I’ve noticed:

  • I’m more aware of what’s happening within my body. PMS with fewer mood swings!
  • I’m sleeping better…head hits the pillow, lights out. Wake up refreshed. I do need more sleep for muscle recovery now…was sleeping 6 hrs, now I really need 7-8 hrs/night.
  • My mind is more clear. I’ve had this project for my public health rotation, and in the last week have had a couple of “epiphanies” and longer bouts of productivity. Finally!

I am worried about when I start another challenging rotation (next week=Family med with my school’s medical director!) will I continue to dedicate the time to myself? I’ve been arming myself with a collection of at-home workouts, filled with body-weight exercises that I can do just in case I can’t make it to the gym before it closes.

Speaking to the ability for life to de-rail fitness goals, I thought I’d touch on this concept of “doing something active everyday.” It doesn’t have to be much time, but it has to be pushing physical limits & having me drenched in sweat. I love the days where I can spend an hour or so at the gym: warmup for a few, lift weights, then cardio. However, let’s be real here…that’s ideal & life gets in the way. That’s where my at-home HIIT collection comes into play. Here’s a few that’s I’ve collected from various sites/bloggers:

  1. HIIT ladder: “Brutal,” 20 min
  2. HIIT cardio: 17 min
  3. HIIT abs
  4. HIIT workout, by Paige: 30 min
  5. 10-exercise HIIT routine, by Angela: 3 rds, 30 min
  6. The Anywhere HIIT Body Weight Workout, by Laury: 16 min for 1 rd
  7. HIIT at home, by Melissa Bender: 15 min for 1 rd (she’s got a lot of good workouts/how-to videos

So, yesterday I skipped the gym entirely & went to the rafting on the river! This was Stoney’s actual birthday present :). It was a long, fun day of intermittent rowing & lounging. It rained for much of it, but that was ok cos we always have fun together.


Today I got back to the gym. Here’s what I did: Legs & HIIT the Elliptical

Squats: 40#, 10 repsx4
Sumo squats: 30#, 10 repsx4
Stand calf raise: 40#, 20 repsx4
Sit calf raise: 40#, 20 repsx4
Leg press: 165#, 10reps x4

Cardio: 25 min HIIT on the elliptical. Max HR 173, Average HR 166. 5 min cooldown. 10% incline throughout.


I liked this cardio routine. The resistance had my quads burning, & in combo with the squats I know I’ll be feeling that for a couple of days :). This will be good to balance the tightness I feel currently in my posterior chain (deadlifts!). Going to get back to work now…happy Tuesday, all :).



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