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End of week 2: Be kind to yourself

This week was rough for me. I stepped up the intensity, and might have pushed myself too far too soon. From Wednesday to Friday I was exhausted (read: needed 2 cups of coffee to get going…usually the alarm goes off and I jump out of bed), so I completely skipped the gym yesterday and just went for a walk & did a 30 min yoga routine at home.

I ended up making it to the gym 4 times this week (for the full weights/HIIT thang, about 1.25 hrs each time), and worked out at home 2 times (about 1.5 hrs total). So I suppose that I was more mentally slacking than physically slacking off.

The lesson I learned this week is that I must be kinder to myself. I’m committed & working hard at all aspects of my life (fitness & health included), so there is no reason to beat myself up if I am too plum tired to lift weights and do a cardio routine. Furthermore, I think that I need to add more healthy fats and meat into my diet because I was fighting a losing battle with cravings this week. It’s all about a healthy balance, and I’m merely a student in the art of moderation.

So my WOD today was for back/abs, inspired by my old coach at Crossfit Manayunk:

1arm deadlift: 30#, 10 reps x 4 b/l
Bent row: 20#, 10 reps x 4 b/l
Lat pull down: 70#, 8 reps x4
25 min AMRAP = 5 rds: 300m (0.2mi) run, 20 weighted (20#) situps, 20 weighted Russian twists

I love mixing the cardio and weighted exercise, and I know that I will definitely be feeling this tomorrow!  I’m starved, time to eat. Here is my post workout meal. Roasted beets, chicken, roasted poblano peppers & tomato salad. Yummmm :).



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