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Saving lives & Lifting heavy things

Today was a great one. My preceptor at the Family Med rotation is a great teacher. I’m grateful to be practicing my clinical skills & that patients are so receptive to me doing so!

There were a couple of rough patient encounters (people who were so distraught & mentally jumbled that they couldn’t focus on the reasons for their visit to the office). Those happened midday,  so I was drained by days end. I considered driving straight home but I didn’t, because:
     1) My gym bag was packed/in car
     2) The gym is on my way home
     3) I grabbed a small 50-50 (coffee/decaf) so I had some energy
     4) I’d already packed a post-workout snack (roast pork & cabbage salad)

That’s how many fail-safes it takes me to stay the course right now, apparently :). At any rate, I am glad that I made it because I feel awesome! Here’s what I did:

10 min Arc Trainer (average HR=160)

15 min Deadlift: 1rpm
•115#, 5 reps
•165#, 5 reps
•185#, 3 reps
205# = 1rpm. 3x
•185#, 2 reps

25 min AMRAP= 9 rds + 200m
200m row
10 plate situps (25#)
10 russian twists (25#)


I’m so glad that I found this part of my gym. So, so happy to have barbells and “manly” gym equipment back in my life. I tried doing something similar on Saturday for abs with the situps & russian twists, but honestly I didnt feel it in my abs. I think that the plate’s weight distribution makes it harder to “cheat,” and I had no choice but to engage my abs.

I was drenched. Almost couldn’t stand up after the timer went off.
I definitely feel different since I started being healthier. You may not be able to tell from my pics, but my clothes fit better and I have more energy. I also can’t wear my biggest bras that I was wearing every day when I started about 2 weeks ago.

I feel good :).


2 comments on “Saving lives & Lifting heavy things

  1. marianferry
    July 31, 2013

    I can definitely say I felt proud for you when I read you already had your bag packed and in the car! It’s amazing how much that really does help! Congrats for sticking it out even though you were drained from your day! 🙂

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