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I love WOD

Finding this section of the gym has made me so happy. I kind of went overboard tonight. My shoulders are already sore, the delayed onset muscle aches are gonna be intense.

At any rate, did this WOD tonight, courtesy of CFMY…total time with rests in between was 55 min.

-10×2 Dislocates
-10×2 PVC OHS
10 min Arc trainer

15 min, EMOTM: 2 Behind the neck push presses
(Add weight each time, if fail go back 1 weight and finish at that weight)
-Empty bar (45#)
-65# for the rest

For time (12:30)
●10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1: Front squats (#65), 100m row
10 min AMRAP (1 rd, 21 KB & situps)
●21-15-9: KB swings, 25# plate situps

Things that I need to work on:
-Body weight exercise (am going to start my progression with pullups tomorrow. First step: ring rows)
-Endurance (running still hurts my knees, might try swimming 1500-2000 yards over the weekend)


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