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End of week 4.

It was a good week at work, but I felt a little disconnected from my health goals. I had a lot of school work (I finished my last public health paper…1 master’s is done!!), & was exhausted from my 50 hour work week. I’m on my feet all day seeing patients, & I’m either being quizzed or learning. It is getting a little more manageable, but I had a feeling that this disconnect may happen.

At any rate, I ate poorly last week/weekend. Not by the average American standards, but I had some ice cream, onion rings, & pasta. Not going to chastise myself, just have to stick to the 85/15 rule :).

Made it to the gym a few times last week. Have some rotator cuff tendonitis × 7 days…so I’m going to lay off of the weights/upper body strength this week & do cardio. This is good, I will revisit my HIIT workouts. There’s a guarded barbell contraption at the gym that I might test out for backsquats. Definitely can’t be dead lifting, though (sad).

Here’s what I did:

Tuesday, 1 hr
-10 min warmup on Arc Trainer
-10 min EMOTM: 3 Deadlifts 80% 1rpm (165#)
-10 rds for time (5 ring rows, 10 pushups, 15 airsquats)= 16:47
-20 min on Arc Trainer

Thursday, 43 min
●20 min warmup & find 1rpm backsquat
》2 rds 10 air squats, 1 min bottom hold squat, 10 dislocates, 30 sec couch pose
》1rpm backsquat = 175#
●10 rds for time (200m row, 5 backsquats @ 80% 1rpm)
》time = 20:31
●45 sec plank hold x 4

Friday, 18:30
-Did 2 rds of HIIT workout from a a couple of weeka back.
-Finished 1:15 min faster than last time 🙂
One thing I noticed is that I am noticeably more emotionally stable when I regularly have challenging workouts. I’ve been having difficulties with my family this past week & I have definitely been emotionally eating. Need to make time for meal prep b/c I’m less likely to want to go out to eat if the fridge is packed! Also, while maintaining my boundaries in conversation with my family, the bad interactions have lingered longer than is productive. I need to go to force myself to go to the gym even if I’m tired…the endorphins & body awareness I gain will help me to manage the stress more effectively.


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