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Progress: Month 1

Inches lost = 9.5
(Waist 3 in, Thighs 1.5 off each, Hips 1 in, Chest 1.5 in, Arms 0.5 off each)
Weight lost = 5.2 lbs

Been at this for a month now, & here are my results thus far. I haven’t seen much weight loss. I think that has something to do with muscle mass, especially considering the inches lost.

My goals for the 1st month were to shift my motivation internally & to get myself back on the right track. I haven’t been super strict, but I’ve moved towards a healthier routine & a healthier mindset. It’s not “all or nothing.” Bad days are just that…not the end of the road.

I would like to dedicate month 2 towards more consistent eating habits. I have to get the meal prep down to a regular occurrence. Going out with friends occasionally doesn’t feel like it has de-railed me too much, but I definitely feel like I make poor decisions when I am tired after a day of work. Especially if I have just worked out. Talk about canceling out hard work!


What a difference a month of good choices can make! The shot from July 4th was a couple of weeks before I began this journey. It is still a work in progress, but when are we not? After 1 month in I feel better, went down a dress size, and feel more confident. I am still working on not beating myself up for not abiding by perfect eating habits or exercise schedules, because that mindset has only led me to failure before. Furthermore, I’m making changes that are meant to be sustainable. Guilt does not a happy woman make.

I am getting so much inspiration from all of the blogs out there, & will continue to troll looking for more tips! Also, this blog has helped me to keep myself honest, so I appreciate the outlet. Best decision I’ve made thus far: keeping track of everything. Thanks for all of the direct & indirect support thus far, folks :).

Good night!!


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