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Back at it!

I’ve been offline for a couple of weeks. And off-track. Lots of stuff going on with school & my rotation, and I sustained a few injuries in a row at the gym (RC tendonitis, strained ACL, biceps tendonitis). Then I got pretty sick from work…a patient literally coughed in my face. All-in-all, I’ve been productive & improving at my work. BUT I’ve also been pretty damn inconsistent with healthy living.

I cycled back into my “all or nothing” mentality. I got hurt, couldn’t lift weights & just rationalized myself out of other workouts. Eating healthily seems to be an outgrowth of my activity level, because then I made 1 poor choice after another food-wise. I’m not proud, but that’s the truth. And I’ve got to be honest with myself.

Form is everything in strength training. Without proper form one is more prone to injuries. This is especially apparent in compound movements (e.g. squats, deadlifts, cleans) because there is a need for proper coordination between different muscle groups to execute the movement.  I realize from my injuries that I was pushing myself too hard, too fast. This is going to be a balancing act, it seems. I love lifting weights and mixing it with cardio, but I’ve got to work on easing myself into strength training. The pain/inflammation from my injuries is decreased now, so I’m going to add these exercises back in but go with lighter weights and work on my form.

9/9/13:  Today was my 1st day back at the gym, and I ate clean all day. My goal is to get to the gym 4-5 times a week, and eat clean for 6 days a week with 1 cheat meal each week. Immediate goal is to keep this up until 10/5 (weekend of my birthday celebrations). 24 min.

  • Erg HIIT today: 4 min moderate effort warmup, 2 rounds of 10 minutes (30 sec hard, 30 sec easy), 2 min rest in between. Set 1: Hard @ 2:02-2:07/500m, Easy @ 2:55-3:00/500. Set 2: Hard @ 2:00-2:10/500m, Easy @ 2:55-3:10/500m

9/10/13: 26 min

  • Warmup 10 min on Arc Trainer, resistance 6 (HR=165) 
  • KB/Erg WOD (26# KB): 30 KB swings, 30 1-arm KB push presses (15 ea side), 10 pushups, 300m row, 25 KB swings, 20 KB push presses, 10 pushups, 300m row, 15 KB swings, 10 push presses, 10 pushups, 300m row. Time=16:08.

9/12/13: 45 min

  • Warmup: 2 x [10 OHS with PVC, 15 sec bottom squat hold, 10 dislocates, 30 sec couch sit ea side]
  • 10 min EMOTM 5 Deadlifts (125#)
  • 10 min erg (30 sec hard, 30 sec easy). Hard @ 2:02-2:10/500m, Easy @ 2:40-3:00/500m.
  • 20 min Arc Trainer. Average HR=172.

I’m pretty sore from the 3 workouts this week. Going to get to the gym Saturday, and try for Sunday. Probably keep it at the same intensity.

It feels good to be back at the gym again. Aside from feeling good about making healthy decisions, I also noticed drastic differences in the way my body has worked this week. I’ve been having difficulty sleeping and feeling puffy over the past couple of weeks. Within a couple of days of being back at the gym I’m having my sound sleeps at night and I’m a “regular” in the bathroom again (haha, TMI, but the truth). It’s amazing how much even a 30 min gym session can positively affect you. Lesson learned…it doesn’t need to be all or nothing, just get a good sweat in on the regular.



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