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Sunday Funday!

Shopping with a friend & trying new recipes make for a fun, albeit low-key Sunday. I’ve been so busy as of late that this weekend needed to be dedicated to domestic tasks & sleeping. Felt good to recharge!!

Healthy eating has been very difficult at my recent rotation, & I’ve been slacking with meal prep. There is no refrigerator to hold lunch, no table to eat at, & the culture of the office is to eat out. Despite my gym sessions (averaging 3/wk), I’m plateaued b/c of my eating habits.

A friend of mine inspired me to get back into meal prepping. She travels every week for work & manages to prep her whole week’s worth of meals to eat out of a hotel refrigerator! Ugh, no excuse for me…

So we went shopping at Reading Terminal Market, which is 1 of my favorite places in Philly, then I came home & cooked up a storm. Here’s what I made today:
1. Protein: Baked chicken breast (rubbed with coconut oil), Sage pork sausage, Spicy pork sausage.

2. Grain-free tabouleh: Used cauliflower instead of bulgar. It’s wicked good, & better when it sits overnight.

3. Roasted brussel sprouts, Roasted sweet potatoes & beets. The brussels were ginormous at the market today!

4. Sauteed cauliflower.

5. Tomato-coconut curry. A favorite of mine; sauce goes well on whatever (I will put mine on the chicken, but it works on fish or veggies too).
•4-5 Large tomatoes chopped
•Large vidalia onion chopped
•2 TBSP chopped ginger
•Curry powder, Tumeric, Cumin to taste
•In large saucepan saute onions until transluscent
•Add tomatoes and ginger, bring to a slow boil. Lower heat & let simmer for 10-15 min.
•Add spices to taste.
•May choose to blend for a smoother consistency. I use an immersion blender in the saucepan, but can use regular blender (just cool first then blend in batches).
Here’s the finished product! It is super tasty. Trust.


6. Peach mini pies (paleo): So good! Just a little treat to keep me from cheating after work :). Pre-emptive strike, as it were.


I promise myself that I will post again this week. Gotta get back into posting regularly to keep myself honest. Hope you all have a good start to your week!


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